With this project, we are presented with two datums brought about by the city harbor condition.

On one side, we have the harbor wall. In this case the harbor wall sets us two meters above sea level. This vertical condition creates a mental separation that discourages interaction with the water the surrounds the city. In order democratize this resource and encourage interaction, the harbor edge needs to be fragmented and broken down to change our contrived notions of separation. To fully deconstruct this mental barrier the datum must be broken in all aspects – plan, section, and elevation

Similarly, we are presented with the ocean datum. the ocean provides one of the few places where humans can see far enough that everything vanishes. Here is the one true time that the horizon line is made visible. Rarely is this endless plane – a universal standard across all cultures of the world – broken. Swimming is one of the sole acts where human beings really interact with this datum. In order to encourage full interaction with water, this play of breaking preconceived notions needs to be pushed further. Breaking through this datum with a built structure dissolves our notions of impermeability

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