Taking inspiration from the mathematical beauty of nature, this project looked at developing a minimal surface (an optimized surface that spans a frame with the lowest surface area possible) into a comfortable furniture piece

Woven Surface 

The woven seat is a synthesis of 6 different edges created from a continuous strip of heavy-weight, cotton webbing which helps evenly distribute the viewer’s weight to the outer frame. Together the minimal frames and woven seat result in an extremely light weight seat that accommodates multiple viewing styles

Modular Frame

Minimal wooden frames are made from 12 identical members of ash wood domino jointed together flush at the corners. The modular nature of the frame creates an expandable seating system that is highly adaptable. Each module is directional in nature but can be arranged as need be to fit the space. Although the bench was originally designed for a tapestry exhibition at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, its modularity makes it suitable for any exhibit that might take place in the future.